Why contract with 7 Elements

In addition to quality food, 7 Elements also provides custom software & embedded system development, system testing, and quality assurance.

Any great team of agile developers can write you thousands of lines of code in a week that does what you think you need. Anyone can develop code and write quality assurance test-suites, but it takes a rare level of skill to re-use what great minds have already assured.

7 elements gives you a different kind of value with dialog to listen, ask questions, and check assumptions. We then review which subset of 25,000 debian packages will do what you actually need, and write 10 lines of shell or python integration code, or submit a one-line patch to the linux kernel. More often than not, this will solve your problem both now, and in the future by engaging the entire debian social contract ecosystem as your global quality assurance team.

Please look up Troy and tell us your story, and make some great things.